Research interests

From the very beginning my research activities are relevant to operations research with a specific focus on scheduling theory. In the end of the 90's I was the first to consider multicriteria scheduling theory in the context of multiobjective optimization opening by the way new perspectives for researchers working on the solution of multicriteria scheduling problems. My research interests have been progressively enlarged to include various aspects of exact or heuristic solution methods applied to optimization problems.

My main research topics are:

  • Multicriteria Scheduling:complexity, models, algorithms embedding knowledge from Multicriteria Optimization Theory,
  • Mathematical Programming: design of exact or heuristic algorithms based on mathematical programming to efficiently solve, in practice, scheduling problems,
  • Efficient exact solution algorithms:design of particular techniques or models for solving large-size instances of scheduling problems,
  • Exponential-Time Algorithms: design of more or less generic exact algorithms with guarantee on their worst-case running time/space.

 A list of my publications (some communications before 2014 may be missing) is available here.

Ph.D. supervisions

 I have been the supervisor of the following Ph.d. thesis in Computer Science (all at the University of Tours, France):

  • DARWICHE Mostafa (2015-2018). When Operations Research meets Structural Pattern Recognition: on the solution of Error-Tolerant Graph Matching problems. In collaboration with Dr. R. Raveaux and Dr. D. Conte (University of Tours). Download
  • SHANG Lei (2014-2017). Exact algorithms with worst-case guarantee for scheduling: from theory to practice. Download
  • JLASSI Aymen (2013-2017). Resources optimization on Big Data system based on Hadoop. In collaboration with Pr. P. Martineau (University of Tours. Download (French)
  • DEGHDAK Kaouthar (2012-2015). Models and algorithms for evacuation operations scheduling problems. Download (French)
  • TANG Xin (2009-2012). Multicriteria sectorization problems in cartography. In collaboration with Pr. A. Soukhal (University of Tours). Download (French)
  • ATHARAN Ahmed (2009-2012). Models and algorithms for a multicriteria Transportation-on-Demand problem. In collaboration with Dr. C. Lenté (University of Tours). Download (French)
  • BELAID Rabah (2008-2011). Solution of scheduling problems in capilary product production systems. Download (French)
  • MOCQUILLON Cédric (2006-2009). Scheduling and planification problems occuring in shampoo production systems. In collaboration with Dr. C. Lenté (University of Tours). Download (French)
  • BOUIBEDE-HOCINE Karima (2003-2007). Enumeration in multicriteria scheduling: application to a bicriteria parallel machines scheduling problem. Download (French)
  • ESTEVE Bertrand (2001-2005). Multicriteria Just-in-Time scheduling problems: models and algorithms. Download (French)

Committees and beyond

 I am member of the Advisory Board of the EURO Working Group Project Management and Scheduling (PMS).

I have been associate editor of Omega - The International Journal of Management Science from 2012 to 2017.

I have been guest editor of several feature issues of international journals: OR Spectrum (with Pr. R. Kolisch, Pr. R. Ruiz and Pr. J. Weglarz), Annals of Operations Research (with Pr. E. Néron), Computer & Operations Research (with Pr. A. Lazarev and Pr. F. Werner), European Journal of Operational Research (with Pr. J.-.C Billaut).

I organized international conferences, some in collaborations: Matheuristic 2018 (with Dr. Y. Kergosien, Pr. P. Martineau, Dr. J.E. Mendoza),  PMS 2010, MOPGP 2006 (with Pr. X. Gandibleux), MOMH 2002 (with Pr. X. Gandibleux, Pr. M. Sevaux and Pr. K. Soerensen).

I am member of committees of various conference series: MISTA, PMS, MOPGP, ROADEF, ...

From 2000 to 2004, I created and managed with Pr. X. Gandibleux, the french national working group on multiobjective programming (PM2O) which is still alive but under the name ATOM